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Starting a campaign is easy

Want to create a divergence in the world ?
Execute your plan by beginning a campaign.It is as simple as that.

Upload Email List

Upload Email List

If your emailing address and other relevant details are collected in a spreadsheet,
plain text file or taken from any other program, then you can transfer the
same appropriately into your Vinmail account.

Create / Copy Template

Create / Copy Template

After creating an email template, you can reuse it by changing basic details or making little modification along with maintaining a real copy.

Schedule for a particular day

Schedule for a particular day

Have somewhere to go ? But need to send the campaigns at the same time ?
You can now arrange a future date for sending your emails. Vinmail will independently dispatch your Emails at the scheduled time.

Manage Campaigns

Manage Campaigns

Vinmail helps to send email newsletters comfortably to your customers and
manage your subscriber lists along with tracking campaign performance.

Rich Report

Rich Report

Vinmail reporting assists you to understand the whole of such metrics with
respect to each campaign, together with open and click through rates.

Start a Free Trail

Start your absolutely free, 30 day trial offer. No credit card required. No wonders at all. Just results only.

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The well personalized messages from Vinmail Free Edition software enables you to do a lot of campaigns with the support of large lists of receivers by permitting you to suitably Segment the subscribers in the list. Thus, our email marketing software satisfies all the requisites needed by the new generation online digital marketing system.

Design Engaging
Email Campaigns

The fully responsive HTML generation and Plain Text format emails thus support you to manage numerous types of campaigns. The Design engaging email campaigns with our software play an important role in improving your email marketing strategy.

Highly Organized
Testing Tools

The email testing tools available with our software provides a comprehensive solution to organize your test cases, execute tests, collect results, and coordinate testing efforts.

Problem Free

Superior list segmentation of unlimited number of groups and recipients enables a problem free reporting. You can achieve a successful real time reporting with multiple batches of 100 to get your messages out to larger lists.


Solutions to your email marketing challenges

Vinmail gets rid of the complexity of sending email by saving time and money, while rendering reliable delivery to the electronic mailing inbox.


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