AntiSpam Policy

What is spam?

Mails sent in bulk without the affirmative consent of the recipient. Most of us are not aware of the cost that is associated with sending spam mails. Which is why Vinmail has zero spam tolerance and has a very strict anti spam policy. We take spam seriously and solve any spam issues of the customers immediately. Our strict anti spam policy ensures the privacy of the users with top priority.

The Federal CAN­SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business:

The Federal CAN-SPAM Act, which came into force in 2003, formulates the rules in sending commercial email. Vinmail, closely follow these rules.This policy is applicable for both single as well as bulk mails used for various  email marketing campaigns. Categories such as From ­To, Reply­ To along with routing informations which  includes  the origin domain name  and email address must be accurate. This would help in finding the origin of these mails. The subject of the email must be able to clearly reflect the content of the message.

Generally an email may contain three different types of information

a) Commercial content:Commercial content promotes or advertises either a commercial product or service including the contents on a website.

b) Transactional or relationship content: These are content which facilitates an already agreed transaction or update by a customer about an ongoing  transaction.

Other content:These contents are neither commercial nor transactional. If the message contains only commercial content, its original purpose is commercial and it must abide by the regulations of CAN­ SPAM. If the message includes only relationship or transactional content, there are possibilities that these messages carry misleading contents. This is exempted from most provisions of the CAN SPAM Act.

The email must be clear about its intentions. For example, an email for advertising purpose must not feel like a personal mail. The message must carry  the accurate physical postal address of the sender and must come along with an unsubscribe option. The requests received must be looked upon within 10 working days. The law also clearly points out that even if you hire a third party to handle your email marketing,you would still abide to the legal responsibilities. The company whose product is promoted in the message and the company which actually manages the message may be held legally responsible.

Here’s a summary of CAN­SPAM’s important requirements:

1. Never use false or misleading header for information:Your – 'From ­TO', 'Reply­To' and routing information containing the originating domain name and email address must be accurate and identifiable to the route of the message origin.

2. Don’t try to use deceptive subject lines:The subject line of the email must be able to accurately reflect the content of the message.

3. Identify the message as an advertisement:The law has provided various margins to carry out advertising mails. Hence it must be clearly specified that your message is an advertisement.

4. Reveal your location to recipients:Your message must show your physical postal address of the host . This can be your present street address with a postbox or a private mailbox number under Postal Service regulations.

5. Tell recipients the way to opt out receiving future email from you:Recipients must be clearly briefed on how to unsubscribe or not receive email any more. The same must be  given in simple language so that even  an ordinary person  can understand. Provide a return email address or any other Internet­ based facility to allow recipients to communicate  with ease. Ensure that the Spam filter cannot stop messages which contain opt-out requests.


Complaint Procedure

All Vinmail customers are bound, by law, for following these guidances. If you send an unexpected email to a Vinmail customer, please let us know immediately, but also kindly understand the steps you have to follow:

You may click on the unsubscribe link provided spam mail.
Also you contact our support team and request to take you off from all potential emails that has been sent via Vinmail. In case you receive spam from one of our customers, please remember to contact us at [email protected]



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