Terms And Conditions

Vinmail offers a complete software solution to manage, launch and create online email marketing campaigns as well as HTML newsletters. Our service does not allow one to send spam mails.View our Anti Spam Policy to know more.

Services and Support:

1. All Services offered by Vinmail are subjected to Vinmail’s Privacy Policy, irrespective of limitation to this Agreement. The terms of agreement may be changed when required and the changes would appear in real time for the users. The modified versions will be available on the Terms & Conditions page on Vinmail.org. 

2.The Services provided  by Vinmail  will be limited only to those who agree with the legal formalities given in the contract.

3.The registration has to be completed through the Signup page in order to avail the Services. It is mandatory to furnish true information about yourself as requested in the registration form.The information available in the account is the private data of the customer and the he has the sole responsibility to keep the account secure. However Vinmail has the right to reject the registration or cancel accounts, if it views the same as unsuitable.


1.The Services of Vinmail are subject to a regular payment pattern, which could be monthly, bi­annual or annual subscription. Individual will receive a notification email once the free subscription has expired. The  access to account would be put on hold until the payment plan is chosen.

2. Billing could be done on monthly,biannually or annually as selected beforehand during sign up. The credits expire at the end of each period whereas Non Expiring Extra Credits are also available. The Fee Schedule, carries the various subscriber levels and prices which can be altered.

3.Payment of your Vinmail subscriptions can made via a  valid credit card that is acceptable at Vinmail email marketing by using the Paymentech transaction system. By choosing a plan, you hereby agree to authorize Vinmail to charge your credit card for the particular package. This process will be automatically renewed within expiry of an existing subscription plan. If Vinmail is unable to collect automatic payment via your credit card, you will be acknowledged via email and your Vinmail account will be paused  until the payment is completed.

4.Cancellation and subscriptions changes – customerS can upgrade or cancel  the existing subscription any time.by contacting the Billing Department. Cancellations must be carried out five business days prior to your next billing date to avoid further charges.

5.Any additional changes such as URL, Header or Footer would be billed according to the Fee Schedule . Fee Schedule can be altered.

6.Vinmail allows you to upload up to 20 mailing lists, each with of 250,000 contacts. Addition of additional mailing lists will be charged extra.

7.Apart from the credits offered by your Periodic plan, you may also purchase Extra Credits having non expiring feature whenever you require them.

Restrictions and Responsibilities:

1.A third party cannot either directly or indirectly, disassemble the object code, source code or algorithms.  Customers have no rights to remove or alter the Software, translate, modify or create derived works with respect to the Services. Copying or distribution of the same will subject one to copyrights issue and the service will be terminated immediately.

2.You acknowledge and agree that the company name, logo and all related products  are owned by Vinmail and its associates. You are not accredited to use any of these in any personal advertisement or any other business without prior written consent from Vinmail authorities. Your usage of the Services carries no ownership on the title and services of  the Software.

3.Accessing any third party mailing lists and sending illegal subject is strictly prohibited. Even though Vinmail has no commitment to observe the content given by you or operation of the Services, upon violation of the terms we may terminate the use of Vinmail.

4.You should agree to collaborate with Vinmail for promoting as well as advertising through the service.

5.You would follow and stay updated with the Email Privacy Policy and the Anti­Spam Policy, which may be updated by Vinmail from time to time.

6.Vinmail staff will review all new accounts  in order to verify that no Spam or illegal contents will be shared through this  network. In such cases a limit  for sending  messages may be placed, until the reviewing is finished.



1.If your account has been identified for fraud, Spam and any such complaints, the amounts collected in advance from you will not be returned  under any circumstances.

2.You can also terminate your Agreement at any occasion by forwarding a message to the email ID [email protected]

3.Vinmail will remove any of your archived data content within a time­frame of 90 days from the date of termination.

Warranty Disclaimer

Use of the Services and additional features of Vinmail is chosen at the sole risk of the customer.Vinmail neither assures that the services will be either continuous or error free nor does it give any assurance about the results that can be received from the utilization of the Services.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Vinmail or any of its underlying service providers, information providers, business partners, account providers, employees, distributors, licensors or agents be liable to the customer or any other person for any money loss  whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential damages or for any claim by any other party.



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