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Starting a campaign is easy

Our email marketing automation system thus satisfies all the requirements needed by the new generation online digital marketing.

Understand the Reports

You’ve built your list, created a beautiful campaign, and sent it to your subscribers. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch your reports come in. Vinmail has a ton of reporting features that can help you analyze the performance of your campaign and provide insights to fuel future campaign successes

In this section, we’ll cover the basic information and data available in Vinmail’s reports.First, click the Reports tab and then select the desired type.


  1. Campaign Stats - Stats for campaigns, aggregated in one place so you can see the detailed view of all campaigns. Here we can see the statistics about campaign name,contacts,unique opens,unique clicks,unsubscribers,bounce,abuse,spam. For more details of the campaign click the options button.

  2. General Stats - All of your stats, aggregated in one place so you can see the high level view of everything. Here we can see general stats,number of opens,number of clicks,number of unsubscribers,number of bounces, abuse rate,conversion rate,list of countries,used browsers,list of operating systems used,list of devices.list of email domains.


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